A Warranty Agreement covers major systems and appliances that malfunction or break from normal wear and tear.

These expensive to repair items such as air conditioning and heating units, plumbing, electrical wiring, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and garage door opener will age over time, and repairs are inevitable.

An emergency is defined as a service issue resulting in:

  1. No electricity, gas, water or toilet facilities to the entire home.
  2. A system malfunction that causes ongoing damage to the home.
  3. A condition that immediately endangers health and safety.

To submit a non-emergency claim, please complete the form below.

Bello Custom Homes will contact you within 48 business hours to discuss your submission. After a thorough review of your issue, Bello Custom Homes will determine if it fits under your warranty policy. Bello Custom Homes will discuss your options prior to any work. It could be determined that your issue is not covered under the warranty and there may be costs identified.

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